30 * 30cmx9p, 무료 배송!

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  • Brand Name: Yatuxuan
  • Frame: No
  • Technics: Hand Painted
  • Original: No
  • Frame mode: Unframed
  • Subjects: Still life
  • Medium: Oil
  • Shape: Square
  • Type: Oil Paintings
  • Style: Abstract
  • Form: Combined
  • Material: Canvas
  • Calligraphy and painting type: Canvas Painting
  • Support Base: Canvas
  • Model Number: CX5083
  • Calligraphy and painting Size: 30x30cmx9p (no frame)


                                   Welcome to my store!

    T0 Dearbuyers:

    for countries not on the free shipping list, pls consult us for the shipping fee

    If custom tax, fees, duties etc occur, that will be buyer\'s responsibility

    If you want to customize other size or frame, please contact us








    30x30cmx9p  (12x12inchx9p)




    High quality canvas and environmental oil paint or acrylic paint



    100% hand painted oil painting on canvas



     No(If you need framed ,please contact us for more details)

    Customers’ order

    Accepted (just contact us ,we can paint any sizes and any imagescustomization available, wholesale available




    Product  Show:



    YTX-CX9 (12)





    Painting with no frame:  Canvas paintings are rolled up carefully

    and packed in plastic tube so that it’s safe for shipping by air

    express or by air cargo


    Package:All items are professionally packed with great care to ensure safe delivery.







    22 (4) 



    customer order process

     You email us the photo to paint, together with the specification of painting and special requests


      We offer price quote for the painting on canvas .You send us deposit payment or full

    payment ,

    then we starting painting


      The painting is finished in one week, after our QC checking and confirming the good quality.

    We will email you the photo of the finished painting to your preview and approval.


      The best shipping service offered, Shipment terms can be made according to your instruction.




     Sincerely hope the information above can give you some ideals of our paintings and service.

    We look forward to your contacting us. 





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    ​-배송은 결제확인후 업무일 기준 14일~38일이며,배송조회에서 배송현황을 확인하실 수 있습니다.
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    ​구매자 사정으로 교환이나 환불을 할 경우 왕복 배송료 20,000~45,000은 구매자 부담이며, 상품에 이상이 있거나 잘못배송이 된경우에는 왕복 배송료를 당사가 부담합니다.

    배송은 결제확인후 업무일 기준 14일~38일이며,배송조회에서 배송현황을 확인하실 수 있습니다.

    공휴일,기타 휴무일에는 배송되지 않으며,온라인 송금을 하신 경우에는 입금확인 당일부터 배송기간에 포함합니다.

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    배송을 합니다.

    상품은 주문일로 부터 업무일 기준​  14일~38일 이내에 배달하는 것을 원칙적으로 하고 있으며, 배송보증기간은 업무일 기준​  14일~38일 발송유무를

    확인시는 배송 확인 코너에서 확인하실 수 있습니다.​ ​ 

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